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Your Time. Your Freedom.

I believe that you should be able to work in your business and live a life that fulfills you, brings you joy. My mission is to give your time back. My team and I will step in and take on the tasks that you no longer have the time for, don’t know how to do well or those that you simply don’t like doing.

Who am I ?

I’m Tarryn. A ridiculously organised, systems creating, tech-loving extraordinaire.

Why Zimpasha?

I was born and raised in Africa. “Zim” stands for Zimbabwe, my first home. “Impasha” translates to “things” in the local tribal dialect. Zimpasha quite literally means that I am the African doing the things. It’s quirky. It’s different. I like to stand out from the crowd.

The Beginning

Zimpasha started by accident. I was made redundant from my job as a Logistics and Rostering Officer not long before I found out I was pregnant. 6 weeks after having my daughter Autumn, I saw an ad on Facebook for a Personal Assistant. I applied, got the job, referrals came in and the rest is history.

I used to work in a job that I hated, and it made me sick (literally). I believe that no one should have to work in a job that makes them miserable and that is why I am here, to help your dream business thrive.

As a business owner myself, I know there comes a time when doing everything by yourself is not sustainable. That’s exciting! That’s growth!

I started this business so that you can keep doing yours. Stop working crazy hours, getting stressed trying to learn all of the systems and get back to doing your thing! Your thing is what makes you money and makes you happy.

When I’m not helping you, I like to read, spend time in nature, travel and have fun with my family.




“As soon as I set Tarryn her first task she totally nailed it.”

“This is the best kind of VA anyone could ask for.”

“Tarryn’s admin skills are second to none.”

“Super smart, efficient and kind. . . the best investment ever.”

“Full of integrity – Tarryn gets things done exactly when and the way she promised.”

“I am so grateful I found Tarryn, she has made my life so much easier.”

As Seen On...
Tarryn Reeves

Professional Biography

Tarryn Reeves is a mother, business owner and chai lover who has a background in Criminology, logistics and rostering before having her daughter and creating the kind of life she always wanted. Turns out that Tarryn is brilliant at helping overwhelmed business owners turn their chaos into ease. She heals broken business systems and becomes an invaluable resource for her clients.

A lover of all things natural, Tarryn loves to explore alternative ways of living. She practices yoga and meditation and has her Reiki attunement. She is still learning to breathe and control the twitching when she spies a system that needs to be organised.

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